Bouchon Beverly Hills
Bouchon Beverly Hills. The design goal was to stay true to world-class Chef Keller’s traditional Bistro by incorporating beautiful antiques into a contemporary, yet still intimate – and inherently French – environment.  Authenticity was paramount, as well as keeping in mind the original “bouchon”, a particular style of café that has existed in the province of Lyon for centuries. Features including a hand-painted fascia mural by French artist Paulin Paris, a magnificent French pewter bar seating 16, a vibrant mosaic floor composed of hand-painted tiles, and Tihany’s own McGuire Grand Café Collection Dining Chair seats over 225 guests.

An outdoor patio accommodates those wishing to dine outdoors in the warmer months. Tihany’s venerable collaboration with Chef Keller also includes the design of the 4-star restaurant and Michelin-starred Per Se, Bouchon Bakery Time Warner and Bouchon Bakery One Rockefeller in New York, Bouchon and Bouchon Bakery in Napa Valley and Bouchon at the Venetian.

Photography: Art Gray