Amber & Somm
Tihany Design returns to The Landmark Mandarin Oriental for the much anticipated redesign of the hotel's 7th floor, including the reimagination of Amber and the introduction of Somm, a casual wine and sake focused restaurant featuring French neo-bistro fare.
Amber sits along a wall of floor to ceiling windows, showcasing panoramic views of the city below. The contemporary French restaurant is led by Chef Richard Ekkebus, who has been at the helm since the hotel’s opening in 2005. Over the years, Ekkebus’ unique brand of hospitality and vision for the restaurant has led to two Michelin stars and a consistent spot in the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list. With the redesign, Amber’s formal, masculine elegance is reimagined in a soft, curvaceous aesthetic. Where the original golden rods suspended from the ceiling and the polished wood panelling gave the restaurant its intimacy, the new ceiling's large bronze ring chandeliers recreate the bespoke, private atmosphere while allowing the architectural volume to be celebrated. At the dining level, curving low partitions snake through the restaurant lending an easy, organic sense of movement while creating pockets of intimate dining space. 

Opposite the window wall, delicate fabric covers full height partitions creating an added sense of privacy without feeling overbearing. Following Chef Ekkebus’ vision, Amber 2.0 is soft and inviting with warm neutral colors and organic forms. The formal white tables cloths have been removed to unveil intricate wood table tops and bronze accents, but the heart of the restaurant remains the same. There is a strong sense of place, and personality, that Amber fans will recognize as soon as they step inside. 
Adjacent to Amber, Somm offers an intimate and refined semi-circular venue with a comfortable, clubby atmosphere. A delicate wood screen inspired by natural tree branches encircles the space, creating the sense of entering an enchanting clearing. At the heart of the venue, abutting an impressive display of wine and sake, is the 9-seat wood bar featuring a textured liquid metal bar counter. Above, curving wood wall panels emanate from the vibrant red ceiling cove, extending gracefully across the ceiling and bringing the space to life.


Photography: Masato Kwano / Nacasa & Partners Inc