Novikov Miami
Novikov Miami is situated on a lively waterfront corner of Downtown Miami with spectacular views of the adjacent river. The Asian restaurant marks the first US location for the esteemed Moscow-based restaurant group and first Miami project for Tihany Design. Similar to the group's famed London location, Novikov Miami features an open kitchen and an interactive 'market' where guest are invited to hand pick fresh ingredients to be used in their dishes. Working as a design consultant to Peacock+Lewis, Tihany crafted the interiors to showcase the feeling of a bustling open Asian marketplace with light, natural materials and curving lines that direct attention to the action.
With the host desk set back from the entranceway, guests are drawn first to the enchanting semitransparent resin bar to the right of the door, its pink hues dazzling against the warm glow of the back bar. The wavelike ribs of the ceiling design emanate from the central activity, seemingly undulating with the excitement of the exhibition kitchen. The entrance is bright and inviting with comfortable lounge seating and a feature treelike art piece. Textured wood walls envelop the space, while structural columns reimagined as graceful tree trunks disappear into the curving ceiling fins. The design is fresh and sophisticated, complementing the vibrant atmosphere with clean lines and supreme attention to detail.

The airy space of the main dining room provides a variety of seating arrangements including a large communal table, that exemplify the Novikov dining experience. In the accessible ‘market’, guests walk through a tantalizing presentation of fresh seafood and vegetables, selecting ingredients for the chefs to incorporate into their meals. 
The restaurant’s 10-seat sushi bar comes to life with a stone and live-edge wood countertop, complete with glass display cases featuring an array of fresh fish of the day. The glass wall at the front of the restaurant opens to the shaded outdoor terrace, where guests are met with uninhibited views of the water. The curved ceiling fins extend over the outdoor seating, creating a seamless transition from the inside of the restaurant. Novikov Miami pairs the precision and grace of its Asian influences with the theatrical splendor of the Novikov dining experience. The Miami location exemplifies the spirit of the brand in a city celebrated for its colorful, diverse nature.


Photography: Libby Volgyes