Veranda Harvey Nichols, Kuwait. Tihany Design has created an exquisite new farm-to-table dining destination for UK-based luxury fashion retailer, Harvey Nichols, in partnership with M.H. Alshaya. Located inside The Avenues, Kuwait’s largest shopping destination, Veranda sits on the upper level of Harvey Nichols’ first store in the country. Occupying a 10,000 square foot space, Veranda’s scale and spacious layout echoes the grand scope of The Avenues experience while conveying a sense of intimacy and the serene. Catering to Kuwait’s cosmopolitan clientele with an exquisite “slow food” concept, the restaurant is designed to offer shoppers a relaxing respite in an elegantly modern atmosphere.

A dramatic, sculptural “canyon” of polished, stainless steel, sets the tone for a strong and transformative arrival experience. Light wood beams buttress an all-encompassing white ceiling composed of curvaceous layers.  These undulating forms – whose lightness hints at a sky hovering above – ultimately bend into layered, white walls that frame the dining area. The restaurant features artwork by Bram Tihany in the form of monumental, photographic murals depicting topiary sculptures of fashion accessories including stilettos, hand bags and sunglasses.

Photography: Eric Laignel