The Beverly Hills Hotel
The Beverly Hills Hotel Beverly Hills, CA. Steeped in Hollywood history, The Beverly Hills Hotel pool has been home to starlets, movie icons, and the location for many classic films. The cabanas and Cabana Café received a glamorous redesign while an expanded Pool Terrace created a new, private event space. 11 upgraded cabanas feature soothing neutral tones with signature green and pink accents, hand-painted murals, and comfortable furnishings. Private phones, Wi-Fi and flat screen HD TVs provide the latest technology. The Pool Terrace now enables space for private events and an area for bi-level lounging through a new, focal staircase that connects the terrace to the pool area.  At the Cabana Café, an expansion now allows for dinner service. Boasting a new show kitchen, separate bar area, overhead trellis and enhanced lighting, it has become one of Beverly Hills most in-demand, al fresco dining destinations. 


Photography: Eric Laignel